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2 in 1 micro-percussion marking machine controlled by Comby tablet - Connect.series


Technomark presents Comby, its tablet-controlled 2-in-1 machine. It is part of Connect.series, the first range of dot peen marking equipment to offer wireless communication between the marking head and its control unit using a secure Wi-Fi protocol. These machines use dot peen technology, which means that the material is deformed into a hollow, and a succession of impacts forms the permanent mark. They have two international patents.

Comby is controlled by the Connect.series tablet application, developed by Technomark. It is available on Google Play and is compatible with Android 10 and later versions. The landscape display makes it easy to view the marking area. Easy to use, it lets you create and modify marking files in administrator mode in just a few clicks. In production mode, the operator can mark files that have already been created, fill in variables manually or scan 1D or 2D codes using the tablet's camera. So, you no longer need to own a code reader. If required, existing marking files and logos can be imported from a PC.
The application also features a maintenance module to enable users to carry out maintenance on their machines at the right time, thereby extending their machine's lifespan.  

It's a combined machine, offering the benefits of both a portable marking machine and an established machine. Switching from one configuration to another takes less than 10 seconds and no tools are required. All the operator has to do is remove the support foot and position the marking head on the column base, or vice versa.

The workbench configuration can mark small to medium-sized parts up to 295 mm high. The all-in-one column base is compact (390 x 345 x 530 mm) and easy to install on a workbench. It has universal grooves that allow multiple clamping systems to be fitted, such as a rotating D-axis for circumferential marking. Height adjustment is simple and precise thanks to the crank handle.

In portable mode, Comby offers ideal freedom of movement thanks to the 22V lithium-ion battery built into the marking head. Designed specifically for the Connect.series range, this battery has been developed to guarantee lightness, performance and durability. In fact, it offers sufficient autonomy for a full day's work. What's more, the control unit, in the form of a tablet, is also portable, enabling the operator to carry out markings both indoors and outdoors. The handle in line with the marking head allows 360° marking on medium to large parts that can be heavy or difficult to access.
Finally, the light weight of the marking head (3.2 kg) offers users optimum comfort when marking in nomadic use. It is also equipped with a multifunction support foot developed by Technomark for the Connect.series range. Its various accessories (magnets, centering V and cap) enable marking to be carried out on small and large cylinders and at the end of a bar, as well as holding the head on the parts to be marked.

Whether in portable or stationary mode, Comby is a robust machine. The marking head is equipped with a technical plastic shell and protective bumpers. The column base, meanwhile, is built with a cast aluminum base and a steel column, all weighing in at 11 kg to ensure stability.

Like all Technomark machines, Comby features the IDI (Intelligent Driving Impact) function, which guarantees marking quality regardless of differences in level between the workpiece and the stylus.

Comby is supplied with a storage dock that serves as a support, but also enables the machine to be maintained by checking the length of the springs and the angle at which the stylus is sharpened.

Numerous types of marking are possible, such as serial numbers, time stamps and 2D codes, on a variety of materials including metals and plastics. This machine is therefore suitable for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and metalworking.

Would you like to find out more about our tablet-controlled 2-in-1 dot peen marking machine? Our sales team is available to answer any questions you may have about Comby, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical details

Marking window size: 120 x 60 mm

 Illuminated marking area

OLED screen: real-time information

Pairing of heads through their serial numbers

Distance between head and tablet: max 10m

2 user modes: administrator and production

Weight of marking head: 3.2 kg

Machining and material removal
Technomark is a French company based in La Talaudière (42), near Lyon. Since its creation in 2000, Technomark, always accompanied by its two founders, and surrounded by numerous partners in France and abroad, offers efficient solutions for industrial traceability through permanent marking. The products are the result of a partnership w...

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