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Flexible vacuum gripper for the food industry - The piSOFTGRIP,


piSOFTGRIP, a small flexible gripper for delicate and light objects

This flexible vacuum gripper is capable of gripping fragile parts and products with imperfect shapes and/or irregular surfaces which are particularly difficult to grip, such as those found in the food industry, for example chocolate. Grip strength can be easily controlled by simply adjusting the vacuum level. The new soft gripper can grip objects with a diameter of up to 30 mm.

Technical details

Approved for food contact and can therefore be directly in contact with food, this gripper has three gripping fingers and a hermetic vacuum chamber, all made in a single piece, for a simple and robust product. The product is insensitive to dust, and the grip force is easily adjusted and controlled by the vacuum level applied.

The food grade silicone gripper allows the food industry, including chocolate, to extend its automated handling to a wider variety of products. Delicate foods and chocolates can be handled without risk of being damaged by crushing. Water-washable attachment options and sealed vacuum chamber make cleaning and operation in harsh conditions easy.

It can be used in multi-mode applications, placing multiple piSOFTGRIP® in a row or other grid structures, thereby supporting all desired sockets. It uses the same fixings as Piab's piGRIP® suction cups. An optional stainless steel attachment provides washability for easy cleaning. With its intuitive and user-friendly design, piSOFTGRIP® easily integrates into automated procedures, where it helps ensure product quality and improve overall productivity.

We specialize in automated process components and solutions to deliver gripping, lifting and moving applications to our customers across all industries, with particular attention to packing and packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, logistics and warehousing, plastics and automotive.

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