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Innovation: a new tightening wrench revolutionizes the industry

Innovation: a new tightening wrench revolutionizes the industry

TRAXX wrench: the greatest innovation in bolt tightening of the last 10 years

In Brief,

The innovation lies in combining the benefits of a torque wrench and an ultra-precise bolt load measurement device into a single tool. This revolutionary wrench allows for simultaneous clamping and bolt tension monitoring.

The Wrench of the Future Industry
Thanks to integrated software and a sophisticated, ergonomic human-machine interface, the user can easily program a clamping strategy and start the appropriate program for their activity in ten seconds. They can view real-time clamping results, curves, and actions performed. The TRAXX clamping wrench can communicate with the company's network to record clamping data. This allows for precise control of the work performed, tracking of operations, and analysis of results.

The Advantages of the TRAXX Wrench

This wrench increases the precision of your clamping by 30%. With the TRAXX wrench, both the clamping of your bolts and the verification of the clamping force (expressed in kN) are performed with the same tool. This clamping wrench allows you to view in real-time the clamping force you are applying to your assembly. Do not change your operators' habits! This wrench operates in the same manner as a torque/angle wrench. However, it is more precise and directly measures and displays the clamping tension (kN).

Why tighten and measure bolt tension simultaneously?

Real-time monitoring of bolt tension applied to an assembly with the TRAXX wrench is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures that each component is adequately and conformingly fixed to technical specifications. Incorrect bolt tension can lead to issues such as leaks, deformations, or premature component failures. By monitoring bolt tension in real-time, any deviation from recommended parameters can be immediately detected and corrective actions taken before more serious damage occurs.

Furthermore, real-time tracking of bolt load allows for adjustment and optimization of the ongoing assembly process. This helps avoid over-stressing that could damage components or under-stressing that could compromise the safety and performance of the assembly.

Finally, this real-time monitoring facilitates traceability and documentation of the assembly process. This is particularly important in industries where quality and compliance with standards are imperative, such as aerospace, automotive, or industrial equipment.

In summary, real-time bolt tension measurement of an assembly ensures the reliability, safety, and performance of the equipment while optimizing assembly processes.

Le 21 juin 2024 par TRAXX

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